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Store manager of a Kwik Shop location in Hutchinson, KS was given the Community Service Award for 2013.

Shelly GlassmanShelly Glassman, Store Manager of Kwik Shop Location 725 in Hutchinson, Kansas is deeply involved in her community. The majority of her efforts in the community revolve around the local Scouting Organization (Cub Scout / Boy Scouts). She has been a volunteer for both of the local organizations for the last twelve years.

Currently, Shelly averages approximately seven hours per week of volunteer efforts with the local scouting organization, and is the Troop Liaison to the Knights of Columbus (host facility) for Scout Troop 303. Additionally in her position as Troop Liaison, she organizes a monthly leadership meeting, hosts and proctors the weekly scout troop meetings, and establishes / attends one weekend camping trip per month. Noteworthy as well is the much appreciated humanitarian work that Shelly and Scout Troop 303 do throughout the overall Hutchinson Community — primarily assisting local churches, hospitals, and convalescent communities. Shelly and her Troop's tangible local improvements can be seen at the Cosmosphere (space museum), Dillon's Nature Center, and the build-out of a tortoise for the Hutchinson Zoo. Shelly has recently been nominated for a Volunteer Service Award from the Boy Scouts of America Organization.

Comments & Thoughts by Shelly Glassman:

Boy Scouts of America came into my life in the year 2000. As a single mother, I needed to have a male influence in my son's life. What better way, than to learn how to be kind to other people and to the earth, learn the how-to's and why's, in all aspects. At that time I never knew Scouting would have such an influence on me as well.

Within our community we volunteer our time to the Salvation Army, United Way Work Day, yard cleaning to shape up a neighborhood and/or for the elderly, serve at the Soup Kitchen, and pack food for the less fortunate. For those who come to our Troop meetings to teach, we always return our thanks with some kind act.

Being involved with Scouts has given me the opportunity to help shape the lives of young men in hopes they will all make it to the top, Eagle Scout. Statistics show that only 2% of Scouts make it to that level. These young men must put together a project for the community and then have it approved by the Eagle Executives. This project summary must include how many man hours, screws, nuts, bolts, pieces of wood, gallons of paint, brushes, etc ... will be required. They then have to explain where the money will come from to complete the project. Funding must be solely donated or generated through some kind of fundraising. A few of the projects that I have been involved with are: building shelves and lockers at the Reins of Hope, remodeled a room at the Birthright facility, did the landscaping and constructed the benches at the Reno County Museum Patio. The folks that are not involved with any youth organization have no idea what they could contribute to the lives of those kids. As I work side by side with these boys, it gives me great pleasure knowing that they will remember me. They know me by the tent I sleep in, named "Hillary".

So as the boys give to the community, the community gives right back.